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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blank Pages After Images in iPad Epub

Even if your book flows perfectly in Kindle and Nook, you may encounter unwanted blank pages in your epub when opened in iBooks. The three most common reasons for this happening are:

1) You have a "page-break-after: always" somewhere in your CSS. Remove it. In fact, I remove all mentions of page-breaks in my CSS for the iPad, even "page-break-inside". For whatever reason, these page-break CSS properties are glitchy and unpredictable in iPad epubs.  

2) Your images or text + image on the same page are exceeding the iPad screen size of 1024 x 768. This means that if you have a 600 px image and more than 500 px worth of text, your pages are going to break, sometimes with blank pages.

3) Your images are simply sized too big. Even though iBooks should scale your images automatically, if you are experiencing blank pages and can't figure out why, try sizing full-page images down to 1000 x 700. Make sure that single full-page image is the only thing on the page. 

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