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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PhotoBooth Fix: There Is No Connected Camera Error Message

This is not related to books at all, but I get this error message a lot on my MacBook Air when I open PhotoBooth: There Is No Connected Camera.

The fix is easy. Just close PhotoBook and open Terminal, then paste this in your home directory prompt:

sudo killall VDCAssistant

Enter your password. Then, reopen PhotoBooth and your camera will be connected again.

Why do I used PhotoBooth? A little bit of vanity, a little bit of self-documentation. It certainly is interesting to view your PhotoBooth photo library over the years.

Tip: Turn off the flash on PhotoBooth before taking your picture! Also, for even more ambient lighting, turn down the screen brightness. You won't look as green and pasty if you are not bathed in the artificial lighting of your monitor.

How to turn off the flash for PhotoBooth: Go to the Menu, choose Camera, then uncheck Enable Screen Flash.

Hello, world!

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