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Thursday, September 12, 2013

CreateSpace 200 dpi Error Message

After creating a 8x10 illustrated children's book for a client, she received this message back from CreateSpace:

Our reviewers did find some non-blocking issues with your files. Some of these issues may have been fixed causing alterations to your files.  The interior contains images that are less than 200 DPI which may appear blurry or pixelated when printed.

How could this be? The book was sized perfectly at 10.25" x 16.25" with full bleed and every image was saved as a 300ppi TIFF. What "alterations" did they make that would have dropped the dpi down so much?

I called CreateSpace and acted as the client. The rep told me that this happens frequently and that 300 dpi is "just a number." Yeah, a very important number for an all-illustrated book! He said that "I would not even be able tell the difference when holding the book in my hands." Despite my pleading, he could not offer any specifics into what their team had done to the book or why.

So now I am waiting for their Technical Team to email the client and open a dialogue.

I did run the file through Adobe Acrobat's CreateSpace Preflight Plugin and got this warning: Font is embedded (completely or as a subset) (166 matches on 25 pages). I thought fonts were supposed to be embedded? Very confusing.

The one suspicion I do have is that we added a 1pt stroke to certain words in the book. While the font is standard (Georgia), the stroke might have made it non-standard. See below.

UPDATE: CreateSpace's Technical Team wrote back with this email. In the end, there was no real resolution because they simply said that the dpi was changed by accident. I did call CreateSpace, acting as the client, and gave them an earful about how I needed to know how and why the dpi was changed, so maybe that at least caused them to re-review the file. Here is the email:

Hello **,

Thank you for your patience as our Technical Services team completed their investigation.

According to the team, the DPI in your file was changed erroneously. This error has been corrected and I have created order #47708788 to replace your proof copy for your title. This package is expected to be delivered by September 18th to the following address: 

** (blanked out for client's privacy)
Portland, Oregon 97213
United States

Please keep this e-mail for your records as your replacement order number, listed above, will not be included in the Purchase History within your account. 

As always feel free to contact us again should any further concerns arise. You can reach us by utilizing our click to call feature or by e-mailing us through the message center located on your member dashboard.

Best regards,

CreateSpace Member Services

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