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Monday, September 30, 2013

Black Background Color of the Expanded Crop Tool in Photoshop

I frequently use the Crop tool to expand my image canvas, and it's a handy tool for doing so. However, my foreground color is almost always set to white. And, if you expand your canvas with a white foreground color, you end up with a black background color. Frustrating!

I've searched high and low for a setting for this problem, but there is none. I mean it, I've spent hours pouring through longtail searches and Photoshop guides. There is no setting, at least for CS6.

The rule is simply that "Your foreground color must be set to black in order for your expanded canvas background to be white."

Once I accepted this reality, I now rely heavily upon the "x" key, which is the keyboard shortcut key to switch your foreground and background colors.

And if your foreground and background colors are set to other colors, use the keyboard shortcut "d" to reset the color picker to black and white. Then, use "x" to set black as the foreground color.

Soon you'll live in an xxx world just like me and I don't mean that in the pornographic sense ;)

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